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What separates YOU from other sellers?

iVendere and iVendita look forward to propelling your sales like no other sites can. iVendere will be your gateway to setup listings for eBay, your own eCommerce store and iVendita. Unlike competitors, you won't need a two week training session to learn how iVendere works. One look and you'll instantly know what to do. We have spent countless hours in designing this site to be as user friendly as possible yet powerful and efficient.

We have incorporated the use of tabs which helps you to stay focused on a page yet flip through sections quickly. We have also created a unique Pricing page which you can easily see the price of an item for all the different sites that you have posted to. iVendere really does make multi-channel selling simplified.

Quick Services Overview

Seamless ebay integration
Create listings on our intuitive listing process, set prices for eBay Auctions and eBay Fixed Price listings and click Send to eBay, it's that easy.
Custom Design
Stand apart from all other sellers, we custom design your eBay Store and eCommerce site, no standard templates are used here.
Get your products out there, list on eCommerce and your item goes to Google Shopping and our sister site, iVendita.com. Search engine optimization and search engine submissions boost awareness so that customers can find you on natural searches through sites like Google.com, Yahoo.com, Bing.com and hundreds more.