iVendere Multi-Channel Platform

Multi-Channel sell to eBay, and eCommerce.

  • 1st Year: $50.00 per month and 1.00% of gross sales
  • 2nd Year: $50.00 per month and 0.75% of gross sales
  • 3rd Year and beyond: $50.00 per month and 0.50% of gross sales

eBay Website Design

We'll take what we have designed for your eCommerce Store and implement it into eBay's Store format - $500.00

eCommerce Website Design

From start to finish, we'll design your eCommerce Store for you and implement it into iVendere for a seamless transition - $1500.00

Already have an eCommerce site but just want to implement it into iVendere? - $600.00

Search Engine Marketing and RSS Feeds

We will submit your URL's to the top 100 search engines and ensure that the proper keywords are used on your eCommerce pages (minimum 6 month contract)

  • 1st Month: $150.00
  • Each Month Thereafter: $50.00