Inventory Control

iVendere has the the unique ability to help you control your inventory across multiple channels simultaneously. Whether you have one unique item or dozens of the same item you can list them on all channels. When an item sells the iVendere system will remove it automatically from the other venues to ensure that you do not oversell an item.


Imagine you have an item you want to sell and you want it to appear on 3 different venues but you want to price them differently because of the difference in the fee structures of those sites, iVendere will let you do that and you can easily see what you will sell the item for on each site on one page.


Have more than ten images for an expensive item? No problem, upload them to iVendere and then use our unique drag-and-drop function to place them in the order that you want them to appear. You'll have the ability to showcase the images with a thumbnail gallery in multiple ways or simply have them show in large format. Best of all, no extra costs whether you list one picture or forty for an item.


You have hundreds of clients that you sell for and at the end of each month you use a spreadsheet to manually calculate what you have sold for that client and for what price. Those days are gone, instead of spending hours and hours calculating consignee fees, simply query a client in the iVendere system and it'll show you the items and costs. Simply print out the invoice and write a check.

Sales Tax

For licensed businesses, sales tax needs to be factored in the sale for a customer that purchased from the same state/province. Simply input your sales tax rate into the iVendere system and indicate whether you charge sales tax for shipping too.


It's always fun to know how many people have seen your products. Choose which counter you want to use or use a hidden one so that you only know.

Bulk Import

iVendere will connect directly into your eBay listings and grab the titles, descriptions, images, categories and item specifics. You will not need to re-write thousands of listings again!


Each channel is different so you want to have complete control over what you say on a listing. With iVendere, you control every aspect of a listing by creating a template so that your wording and branding are uniform through thousands of listings.


No matter which channel you sell an item from, shipping is controlled through one interface so that labels can be quickly printed saving you time.


iVendere is completely customizable so that you can properly brand your business. Our design team can take your existing store graphics and work it seamlessly into the iVendere system or design you a completely new look.


No site can make it on its own without marketing. This is where iVendita comes into play. All the items that you put in your own eCommerce store will automatically show up in iVendita. When a search by category or keyword is conducted a list of items will appear showcasing the thumbnail, title and price. When a customer clicks on that item, they will be taken directly to your eCommerce product listing page. They buy directly from your eCommerce site, best of all, no listing fees or final value fees from iVendita at all!